About Us





INVELEX is a professional investigative company established by the competent, profesional, trained and experienced investigators consist of the former professional investigators, former reliable intelligence personnel, legal practitioner, information technology practitioner. We will assist management to collect data and information for the business strategy interest and resolve criminal cases in company.

For Instance, the criminal acts (crimes and violations) can occur any time at the company, including but not limited to the theft, fraud, embezzlement, forgery, vandalism, assault and murder. Tracking evidance and information   in the context of who the perpetrator of criminal act is not so easy because it requires certain techniques possessed only by those trained professionals.

In addition, the collection of data and information for the business strategy interest. Whoever controls the data and information quickly and accurately about the business activities of the associated company will certainly achieve success.

Therefore, by cooperating with INVELEX is the right choice at the same time will be the best partner to assist the management make decision in his business and to resolve criminal cases in Company.